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The assessee claimed the receipt of the amount as exempt u/s 10 treating the same as scholarship for pursuing education. Had occasion to consider whether stipend received by a student pursuing his post graduation at a medical college be termed as salary so as to deny exemption under section 10. For obtaining the degree of Chartered Accountancy Course, one needs to go through practical training from practicing CA firms for certain duration. In lieu of such training, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India prescribes payment of stipend. Such practical training is required to be completed even if the student clears the CA examination during the training period.

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I understand that my details shall be used by the Company strictly in accordance with the terms of the Company’s Privacy Policy. Parents have huge aspirations for their child / children and are always willing to go that extra mile to secure their future financially. In today’s day, it is inevitable that one knows how best to make the right investments that serve your future financial requirements in life. They will be supported by our Alumni Support Team – NEST, where one will get a chance to pitch their social enterprise idea to a panel of experts cum mentors to shape their business plan. However, they can visit their ward under the authorization of the assigned Program Leader of the fellows.

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Not only will you be entitled to a PhD stipend in USA that is around $15,000-30,000 per year but also a lucrative salary after PhD in USA between $60,000-1,00,000 and above. PhD graduates in UK can look forward to interesting and lucrative careers after the completion of their course. PhD graduates in UK are seen performing appreciable tasks in the commercial and research-based sectors such as education, technology, medicine, science, etc. For a better understanding of the average PhD student salary UK, we have tabulated the job roles for PhD graduates in UK and their respective average salaries. UK as a study destination is one of the most prominent in the world due to the presence of research-intensive universities and quality education.

It is different from salaries that are offered for employment – it is more of a compensation for training. Interns instead of getting paid for their services are given stipend as a financial support. Assistantships offered varies from university to university, in some places academic positions are even offered. While in some cases the Graduate school offers graduate assistant positions.

The inhttps://1investing.in/ation provided herein is generic in nature and solely for educational purposes. Before investing in any financial product, readers are advised to exercise caution and to seek independent professional advice. The use of this information does not imply any liability on the part of Future Generali India Life Insurance. Post the fellowship, fellows pursue their dreams according to their choice, but not all fellows take up a job right after the fellowship. There are a few who take up an entrepreneurial career and others who pursue further studies. Yes, holidays for the entire fellowship batch are scheduled to fit in with the school calendar.

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There are certain things you must consider if you receive a stipend. Stipends come with advantages, and one of them is – you keep what you earn as you do not have taxes withdrawn to pay for Social Security and Medicare. However, you must note that stipends are considered a form of taxable income. Individuals must be careful about how their payments are classified.

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Occupational safety education and research programs renewed.

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10 of the IT Act, 1961, as being what is a stipend granted to meet the cost of education. The MBA or engineering graduates working as interns perform work similar to that of a regular employee and are paid a stipend for their work. Therefore, the stipend income derived by them will not be eligible for exemption u/s 10 of the Income Tax Act. These individuals will be liable to pay income tax on stipend income. Usually, stipends are paid to that class of people who find themselves not eligible to get a daily quantity as salary in the curiosity of the providers or duties they offer, such as interns. However, the receiver of the stipend will get most expertise, understanding and data in the field chosen.

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Since scholarship or stipend to meet the cost of education is exempt in India u/s 10, the same exemption shall be available to non-residents also. However, it has been held in various judicial decisions that stipend, if given to meet the cost of education while pursuing an educational course, comes under the purview of section 10 and is exempt from tax. The ITAT, Chandigarh SME Bench, held that the stipend received by a student pursuing his post graduation (‘PG’) at a medical college be termed as scholarship and exemption under section 10 of the Act is to be allowed. However, the Tax Department could take a contrary stand that doctors are qualified professionals owing to their MBBS degree and accordingly stipend paid to doctors could partake the nature of salary or professional fees. It could also be contended that when the doctors are paid stipend by the hospital, although they are working as part of gaining a higher degree, they are also performing all the duties in the profile of a regular, full-time employee.

When doctors pursue PG courses, they are required to work in a hospital as interns. During their internship, they perform work similar to a full-time doctor and earn stipends. The stipend payment is made to doctors to gain experience and perform services similar to a full-time doctor employed in the hospital.

For this we must review the terms under which such Stipend is paid– when Stipend is paid to further a person’s education, we need to test whether it qualifies as a Scholarship. Because there can be no compensation provided to volunteers, these workers also cannot receive a stipend under the law. It is important to remember that there are also state laws the govern wage and hour matters, and some states, such as California, have adopted their own test for determining intern status. Reimbursement | Say you are incurring expenses on the job that are critical to perform your duties. For example, a dinner or meal with a potential client for a business development intern or a cover of travel expenses for a sales intern. These are task-specific and can or cannot be a part or not of the stipend you receive.

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The answer to this question is quite debatable as there is no specific provision under the Income Tax Act for the taxability of stipend. In this article, we will try to answer this question in the light of section 10 of the Income Tax Act which talks about the taxability of scholarship. Under Section 17 – Wages, pension, gratuity, fees or commission or profits in lieu of salary, advance salary, payment for leaves standing to the credit of the employee – have all been included under the definition of salary. It is evident when a salary is paid – an employer-employee relationship exists. An Individual receiving a salary from more than one employer has to consider the total salary received from all employers for computing the total income. If a stipend is treated as Salary Income then TDS will be applicable.


Some have continued to work with Members of Parliament, political parties or other political consulting organizations. A few have joined the civil service as Indian Administrative Service and Indian Foreign Service officers. As far as responsibilities of graduate assistants, they generally have teaching responsibilities that include teaching in the classrooms or in the labs. Some have research related responsibilities while others have varied responsibilities.

However, any such need to take leave must be first brought to PRS for approval and then approved by the assigned MP. LAMP Fellows are discouraged from taking leave during Parliamentary sessions. PRS will also inform LAMP Fellows of any other scheduled leave periods during the programme.

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Discretionary scholarship granted by the employer to the children of employees cannot be treated as a perquisite in the hands of children of employees because no right is created in their favour. Even if such scholarship is regarded as a perquisite, it would be exempt under section 10 in the hands of the recipient. However, from the reading of section 17 or section 17, it appears that payment or reimbursement of the cost of education by an employer to his employee shall be taxed as ‘perquisites’. To hold that stipend received from a foreign university is exempt u/s 10. The company had paid certain amounts to the assessee’s son as scholarship which the assessee did not include in his total income and claimed as exempt u/s 10. In this case, the assessee was a student of post-graduation in Rajindra Medical College and received stipend/scholarship which he claimed as exempt u/s 10.

Remember, the bill fee is the hourly price that the company can cost for the nurse’s time on the facility and it’s the sole source of revenue for the company. So the upper the invoice fee, the more money the company has to offer general. Despite this, you will find giant variations within the stipends provided by travel healthcare firms. For example, you could find one company providing $2000 per thirty days for Sacramento and another providing $3000 per thirty days.

And held that the payment by way of scholarship to the employees or employee’s children would be exempt under section 10 of the Act. In this case, an employee under the terms of his service cannot demand as a matter of right any payment from the company for meeting the cost of the education of his or her children. Though the payment is made to the children uniformly there is no vested right if the employee to claim the payment.

  • Using the term stipend helps avoid confusion with the healthcare business’s use of per diem as meaning daily or on-name staffing.
  • After completing the PhD in UK, students have a lot of opportunities in line.
  • Candidates shortlisted after the online evaluation will be called for interviews conducted by PRS.
  • The certificate of the concerned foreign institute which gave the scholarship to the assessee, the certificate given by the concerned institute showed that the scholarship was meant to meet the cost of education, etc.

However, it is but natural for students to expect some remuneration in return for the effort they are putting in, and many organisations are coming forward to offer stipend for students. Salary is the amount paid to employees for services given by them to the employer. Companies may or may not deduct TDS on stipend paid by them but it may still be taxable in the hands of the person receiving the same when it is not covered in the exempt category. IIM Indore students receive two-month summer internship stipend offer of up to Rs four lakhThese students include students of IIM’s two-year Post-Graduate Program in Management and five-year Integrated Program in Management. B-school internships bounce up with sentiment; stipends at top institutes rise up to 67%Average stipend for the two-month internship was ₹2 lakh or more across most campuses; for FMS, IIM Lucknow and XLRI, it’s the highest ever.

Hence, the stipend paid to an article cannot be treated as a reward for his services but is meant for meeting his incidental expenses in course of training and thus not taxable. There are judicial precedents wherein stipends paid to doctors have been held as exempt from tax. Further, various adjudicating authorities have held that the stipend earned by PG students in pursuance of their course is to be considered as scholarship (i.e., exempted from tax).

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